Mrrroww, purr, HISS…. Okay, I’ve had enough!

Do you ever wonder what a cat is thinking when they’re looking at you?

Those beady little eyes watching your every move.

I know for a fact that my cat knows exactly what I’m saying to her most of the time and she always tends to correctly respond to my actions and commands. Not to mention she has a routine laid out for me every morning when I wake up – pet the cat, go to the bathroom, feed the cat and so on.

Their brilliance amazes me.

The mere sound patters they deem recognizable is fascinating and comical all at the same time. I have always enjoyed their reaction to the shaking sound of a bag of temptations, the clinking of their food bowls, the sound of a can being opened or even the sound of their owner settling into bed.

Kittens are fun but the end result is the true joy of owning a cat. If the level of comfort they provide when you’re home alone isn’t enough, their moderately low maintenance and exceptional ability to provide stress relief should help provoke you a little further.

Mind you, not all cats are fun and games. Through my years of experience with the feline species I have come to realize that cats have a mind of their own. Every cat is tameable to an extent, it’s the owners neglect and lack of responsibility that generally creates a bad animal.

Once upon a time I had a roommate whose cats fur was white as snow and everywhere that girls roommate went that cat would surely go.

This cat was literally the devil – peed in my shoes, chewed my clothing and pooped outside the litter box at least twice a day. These types of things I have very little patience for, generally I consider myself to be a fair and considerate person but there is only so much feline-oriented torture one can take.

A unfortunately, once a cat has learnt a habit they are extremely hard to break. Be sure to consider every little thing when selecting your new feline friend.


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