Prepping for a puppy

With a new puppy arriving in seven days, there is a lot of planning and puppy proofing that needs to be taken care of.

Roxas, our new english cream miniature dachshund, is going to be quite the handful for what will surely seem like far too long. My boyfriend and I made the decision over a year ago that a dachshund (wiener dog) was our dog of choice, and after copious amounts of research, we have come to the decision that it was the right decision for our first canine companion. After reading a great deal about improper breeding and the mass amount of hereditary conditions dachshunds can inherit, we made the decision to buy our new puppy from a reputable Canadian breeder.

HeavenlyHund Reg’d Hounds in St.Catharines, ON is whom we decided to go with. After meeting Stephanie for the first time, we knew we had selected the right breeder. She is extremely knowledgable and passionate about showing and breeding dachshunds. We were very impressed with the amount of information she was able to give us, she has over 25 years of experience raising hounds and was happy to share anything and everything she could think of.

Potty training  and crate training will be the first major tasks to tackle. Thankfully, Stephanie starts the potty and crate training process early, which should help with separating Roxas from his mother. Separation anxiety is something that freaks me out when the question of puppies arises, I know there is nothing worse than a dog that constantly barks and whines, especially when you leave the house. I do have a great deal of time to spend with Roxas so it shouldn’t be a problem, but there are so many anxieties coming to the surface now that the puppy’s arrival is only days away.


Secondly we have to worry about training and socialization. Our intention is to attend puppy training and all that fun stuff, but consistency is the most important thing to think about in my opinion, especially when there are two people taking equal parts in training a puppy. Socialization is something else that’s crucial during the puppy stage, my boyfriend and I bought the Barron’s Dog Bible of Dachshunds and have found it to be quite informative about the breed.

In the Barron’s Bible it says it’s best to introduce puppies to as many situations as possible before 12 weeks of age because at 12 weeks they tend to be more distrustful than trustful (pg.63).

Among other things we need to consider whether we’re thinking of feeding our puppy raw food or kibble diet. Stephanie swears by raw food for a number of reasons, we have decided to start Roxas out on a raw diet as that’s what he’s been eating since the start (I will report back at a late date with my opinion on the matter).

I would certainly recommend purchasing a breed specific book when thinking about getting a dog, it definitely trims a lot of the fat off the edges. Each and every person will try to tell you something different when your thinking about getting a puppy, my advice is to take a leap of faith, do your research and learn from your own experiences.

Don’t disregard the advice you’re given, just don’t take it like it’s etched in stone.


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