Lack of direction

Photography © SYCO

Time to touch on a topic that is rather irritating – What is the concept of a boy band?

One Direction is my main topic of annoyance here. During the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony the teen pop sensations performed their hit song ‘What makes you beautiful‘. Five boys standing on the back of a flat bed truck ALL prancing around the stage holding microphones, how unnecessary.

Excuse me boys, where on earth are your instruments?

I hear that toe-tapping beat coming from somewhere and it isn’t the stage! This topic bothers me mainly because there are five perfectly capable teens dancing around on a stage with their skin tight jeans and spiked-up faux hawks displaying little talent to an audience of teenyboppers.

The sad truth is, there are plenty of underground bands that spend hours a day practicing and perfecting a unique sound for themselves that may never go farther than their grandmothers basement.



2 thoughts on “Lack of direction

  1. Martin says:

    This is my problem exactly, I just don’t get boy bands. Five guys are just sharing the spot light instead of working together as a harmonious whole. Why doesn’t one guy just pick up guitar, another, bass and one guys drums, etc. They can add substance and meaning to their musical endeavors, because honestly five guys singing the same thing doesn’t sound that all that different from one or even two guys singing. Perhaps they all just want a piece of the pie, the easiest way they can get, either way, this post hit it spot on!!

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