Sudden Breakthrough

Everything is going my way; an amazing feeling.
Glassy hands reaching across the sky grabbing at the unknown.
Studying them; will everything still be the same when I awake tomorrow?
Snow; so white it’s blinding.
Asphalt glittering like a snow-spotted canvas, new pictures painted with every tv housefootstep.
With every blink; my eyes take pictures of these mysterious surroundings, opening and closing like the shutter of a camera.
Still images crowd my mind: my hands seem frozen in time.

Step-by-step repetitious movements leaving imprints for me to trace.

Faces on the walls smirking at me in a mocking fashion.
I ascend the stairs and enter another world through a miniature door at the end of the hall.
The black rivers flowing between the floor boards overwhelm me.
Scratching at the wood, wondering, experiencing: everything all at once.
Trees, what about trees? Trees have a story.
Creases and lines define their life.
Thousands of questions about the world.
Such feeling is contained inside me.
It makes me want to vomit.

Darkness comes once again…. I am awake!


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