Simple acts of kindness

An old man sat on his front porch every day from the time he woke in the morning until it was time for bed every day for months on end. In the afternoon he would raise from his rocking chair, walk out on his front lawn and pluck one single flower from the garden.

Neighbours passed but none paid any attention to the veteran who spent his days sitting alone. As the months went by, the old man grew frail. His eyes darkened and his skin paled as his delicate frame began to wither.

One day, a young boy who lived across the way noticed the old man sitting alone on the porch. He walked straight up, sat down in the chair by the man’s side and held his hand with a calming smile on his face. A single tear trickled down the old man’s cheek and the boy knew he had made the right decision.

Later that day, the old man changed into his pajamas, brushed his teeth and laid down for bed – never to wake again.

He was found lying in his bed with his right hand resting on his left breast pocket. Inside was a neatly written letter that read:

Patiently I waited for someone to care,

Wishing for someone to notice me as I silently withered away.

I was not just a grumpy old man who sat alone.

At one time I was a husband, father, brother and son.

The kindness I have received has opened my eyes and set my heart at peace.

Never underestimate the kindness of a child.

© The Wordy Witch


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