Okay, I admit, I have been really slack about posting lately and for that I apologize.

Roxas will be 10 weeks old this Thursday, SO EXCITING! The whole puppy thing is definitely an adventure and I am quite excited to see where things go from here. The main obstacles to date are potty training and apparently, feeding time.

We started Roxas (named after the main character from Kingdom Hearts 2) out on a Raw food diet, which is what was recommended to us by the breeder we purchased him from. We noticed his lack of excitement for mealtimes from the moment we brought him home, once his food was set out for him he would take a few chomps of his ground-beef-like slop and cry at my feet like I was saving the best part for myself.

This went on for a few days with Kyle and I trying various methods to try and evoke a little excitement out of our little pup, but nothing.

After nine days and little luck with the raw diet, Roxas has been switched to Acana dry food for small breed dogs and has seemingly never been happier, he has even developed his very own “dinnertime dance” that he delights us with when we prepare his meals.

This seriously makes me question the raw food diet for dogs. I have never quite seen a puppy pick through meat to get to the kibble until we started weening Roxas away from the raw. By all means, to each their own but the raw food was worth and try and I don’t think I would personally recommend it to others as we literally has no luck!


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