Next time, it’s your butt.

Flicking a cigarette in someone’s face is a serious insult, anyone who may have had this happen, I’m sorry that person was a disgusting jerk.

Since starting an internship in Toronto I have done a fair amount of commuting and walking to and from the train station. This has allowed me to witness a great deal of situations that I find totally annoying and often times I’ve wondered why some people even bother to leave the house.

Today however, I encountered the most repulsive situation to date. I left work and began my usual jaunt back to the train station, ear buds in, grooving to some Death from Above 1979.

As I was walking I noticed a grubby looking man walking towards me with an intense scowl on his face, glaring in my direction. I continued to walk and as I did, he removed the cigarette he was smoking from his mouth and flicked it straight in my face.

Immediately I turned and asked what his problem was, he continued to walk away and as he did so he yelled “you deserve it you f****** b****.”

I was quite offended. This man was a complete stranger and I was minding my own business when this all went down. What is wrong with people?

There was no point in stopping to cause a scene and I knew it would escalate into something much worse if I carried things on any further.

Truthfully, I’m surprised I controlled myself so well. Next time I think I would pick up the butt, run over, tap the person on the shoulder, flick it in their face and say “Hey a******, I think you dropped something!”

Needless to say I am quite disgusted. I have encountered many – errrr – lets say, ‘interesting’ folks whom are in need of some serious help.

Do you have an interesting story about an awful person you’ve encountered? I’d love to hear it!!!


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