A Positive Approach

Dear readers, I must confess—I have been slacking lately in the blogging world and for that I apologize.

You see, the past couple of weeks have been extremely fulfilling, opening my eyes to some new and exciting opportunities ahead of me. I have been busy putting together a collection of my writing, editing, photography, videography and more— a sort of showcase to potential employers. It has kept me busy and also gave me the drive to revamp my resume and even my hard copy portfolio—almost everything ended up getting a makeover.

Anyways, I have been thinking about the different aspects of life and have come to the conclusion that I have gotten way too far ahead of myself, thus making my accomplishments feel less important than they actually are.

But since I am generally a positive person, I need to hop back on that bandwagon and spread the positivity around. The idea is, if I write these things down I will be much more likely to hold myself accountable for them.

Giving myself credit when credit is due

This is something I have spent the past year plus battling. I figured I would graduate from college and land a job after a month—even though subconsciously I knew this was not the case, I let myself believe it was. Since then, I have spent the past little while kicking myself in the butt for not landing my dream job two weeks after graduation. This is unacceptable. Not only did I choose a particularly difficult career, it is one that is built on past experience. Instead of getting down about my lack of experience, I am teaching myself to appreciate the experience of building a portfolio. I should be proud; I should be excited with myself for achieving such excellent experience in such little time.

Kindness toward others
I know I am not the only culprit of lack of credit when credit is due. I have always tried to be nice to each and every person I encounter. My reason for this is simple—I expect the same treatment from others. Even though my acts of kindness aren’t always reciprocated—they’re appreciated, I know they are. Always try to be pleasant with the people that surround you, that kind of positivity brings good luck to all and when you forget that you only end up hurting the ones you love.

Paying it forward

I feel like I don’t do enough favours for others. Giving money to the homeless only gets you so far in this department. It’s not that I don’t try to do the right thing—I find myself using the excuse that I don’t have the time. Now I have the time—all the time in the world. Being involved in charity is an excellent feeling and that’s how I’m paying it forward this holiday season.

Appreciate everything
Seriously—every little thing. It is so important, incredibly important! This is the most important thing you can ever do. You never know how long something or someone will be around—always appreciate things while they lasts because once something is gone, it’s too late to appreciate.

This list is never ending; I plan on updating it whenever I think of something to add.


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