Next time, it’s your butt.

Flicking a cigarette in someone’s face is a serious insult, anyone who may have had this happen, I’m sorry that person was a disgusting jerk.

Since starting an internship in Toronto I have done a fair amount of commuting and walking to and from the train station. This has allowed me to witness a great deal of situations that I find totally annoying and often times I’ve wondered why some people even bother to leave the house.

Today however, I encountered the most repulsive situation to date. I left work and began my usual jaunt back to the train station, ear buds in, grooving to some Death from Above 1979.

As I was walking I noticed a grubby looking man walking towards me with an intense scowl on his face, glaring in my direction. I continued to walk and as I did, he removed the cigarette he was smoking from his mouth and flicked it straight in my face.

Immediately I turned and asked what his problem was, he continued to walk away and as he did so he yelled “you deserve it you f****** b****.”

I was quite offended. This man was a complete stranger and I was minding my own business when this all went down. What is wrong with people?

There was no point in stopping to cause a scene and I knew it would escalate into something much worse if I carried things on any further.

Truthfully, I’m surprised I controlled myself so well. Next time I think I would pick up the butt, run over, tap the person on the shoulder, flick it in their face and say “Hey a******, I think you dropped something!”

Needless to say I am quite disgusted. I have encountered many – errrr – lets say, ‘interesting’ folks whom are in need of some serious help.

Do you have an interesting story about an awful person you’ve encountered? I’d love to hear it!!!


Written wisdom

Illustration © The Ink Witch

Brace yourself words for I have found you,

Nimble your tongue with the greatest of ease and present thy meaning.

Sink deep words, for you shall not stick if you are not written.

Be brave as feelings may be injured by your delicate hints of emotion.

 Stay wary as you grace the delicate simplicities of life.

© The Wordy Witch

Gentle Giants

dean-conger-ancient-trees-dwarf-visitors-to-historic-great-birnam-wood-1Sun shining brightly through the summer leaves, revealing their anatomy to the dangerous world outside the quivering arms of their ancient mother.

Rustling on the ground and crunching beneath my feet, welcoming the warm colours of autumn as you drift slowly to the ground.

Standing tall, naked and vulnerable to the frozen world around you.

At ease gentle soldier, your children will return when the cold winter breaks.

Beckoned by the warmth of spring and the refreshing beads of morning mist.

The cycle has begun.

© The Wordy Witch


Inner workings

Brilliant and bright like a gem glistening in the summer sun.

Hidden inside, exposed to those true to their word,

The inner workings a prize to those willing to wait.

Why doth this flower wilt in the moonlight?

Sadness crisp to the interior, a melting of ambitions hidden away from the world.

Speak true words, for I have found thy meaning.

Experiencing its beauty, exposing its daunting reality.

Look forward to tomorrow for I have seen today.

© The Wordy Witch



Okay, I admit, I have been really slack about posting lately and for that I apologize.

Roxas will be 10 weeks old this Thursday, SO EXCITING! The whole puppy thing is definitely an adventure and I am quite excited to see where things go from here. The main obstacles to date are potty training and apparently, feeding time.

We started Roxas (named after the main character from Kingdom Hearts 2) out on a Raw food diet, which is what was recommended to us by the breeder we purchased him from. We noticed his lack of excitement for mealtimes from the moment we brought him home, once his food was set out for him he would take a few chomps of his ground-beef-like slop and cry at my feet like I was saving the best part for myself.

This went on for a few days with Kyle and I trying various methods to try and evoke a little excitement out of our little pup, but nothing.

After nine days and little luck with the raw diet, Roxas has been switched to Acana dry food for small breed dogs and has seemingly never been happier, he has even developed his very own “dinnertime dance” that he delights us with when we prepare his meals.

This seriously makes me question the raw food diet for dogs. I have never quite seen a puppy pick through meat to get to the kibble until we started weening Roxas away from the raw. By all means, to each their own but the raw food was worth and try and I don’t think I would personally recommend it to others as we literally has no luck!


Simple acts of kindness

An old man sat on his front porch every day from the time he woke in the morning until it was time for bed every day for months on end. In the afternoon he would raise from his rocking chair, walk out on his front lawn and pluck one single flower from the garden.

Neighbours passed but none paid any attention to the veteran who spent his days sitting alone. As the months went by, the old man grew frail. His eyes darkened and his skin paled as his delicate frame began to wither.

One day, a young boy who lived across the way noticed the old man sitting alone on the porch. He walked straight up, sat down in the chair by the man’s side and held his hand with a calming smile on his face. A single tear trickled down the old man’s cheek and the boy knew he had made the right decision.

Later that day, the old man changed into his pajamas, brushed his teeth and laid down for bed – never to wake again.

He was found lying in his bed with his right hand resting on his left breast pocket. Inside was a neatly written letter that read:

Patiently I waited for someone to care,

Wishing for someone to notice me as I silently withered away.

I was not just a grumpy old man who sat alone.

At one time I was a husband, father, brother and son.

The kindness I have received has opened my eyes and set my heart at peace.

Never underestimate the kindness of a child.

© The Wordy Witch


Sudden Breakthrough

Everything is going my way; an amazing feeling.
Glassy hands reaching across the sky grabbing at the unknown.
Studying them; will everything still be the same when I awake tomorrow?
Snow; so white it’s blinding.
Asphalt glittering like a snow-spotted canvas, new pictures painted with every tv housefootstep.
With every blink; my eyes take pictures of these mysterious surroundings, opening and closing like the shutter of a camera.
Still images crowd my mind: my hands seem frozen in time.

Step-by-step repetitious movements leaving imprints for me to trace.

Faces on the walls smirking at me in a mocking fashion.
I ascend the stairs and enter another world through a miniature door at the end of the hall.
The black rivers flowing between the floor boards overwhelm me.
Scratching at the wood, wondering, experiencing: everything all at once.
Trees, what about trees? Trees have a story.
Creases and lines define their life.
Thousands of questions about the world.
Such feeling is contained inside me.
It makes me want to vomit.

Darkness comes once again…. I am awake!